Aug 22, 2010

I got a wild hair the other day and had seen an idea like this in I think Family Fun magazine a while ago. Anyway, with 3 now in school I thought I'd make getting dressed in the morning a little easier. This totally takes the guesswork out of what on earth am I gonna wear. Jayden had on the average 5 changes before she really decides on what to wear. She is never late or frustrated but this way we can plan a little on Sun night for the whole week. They were excited and Jamie's kids came over and made some too!

Aug 3, 2010

Jared's room is a work in progress. Jared is a Colts fan and just plain football fan can we just say. The walls are painted blue and the curtains are now up. Next we want to make a matching quilt or a Hawkeye quilt his other fav team. Notice the pics on the wall. This is Jareds dream car. We have promised him (and the others) that if thye get and keep straight A's and only straight A's that we will buy them a car when they is 16 or 17. Good grades are expected in our house but if they are only A's imagine how much money we will save for all the scholarships that will come his way. Some may say this is silly BUT a few thou then and money coming his way for college is a break for us. A goal hopefully they will all shoot for.

Mom's new job
I am sooo blessed. I am so glad I didn't say no to Dr Kettman when he asked me to come work for him. I wasn't sure I wanted to go through another bad job agin. But....this is not that way and it won't be. The office staff is small and there is only 1 Dr, 1 receptionist, 1 RN, and 3 LPN's. We run our own lab and EKG's and are able to spend lots of time and get to know the patients. Team care is cool although we haven't got it up and running completely yet. But when we do a nurse and the dr will go in the room together, she documents his dictation, draws bloodwork if needed, refills any meds that are needed via the computer and then everyone is done. None of this dragging on and waiting business. Dr Kettman is so personable and easy to work with AND funny and so far the other nurses and me are tight and laugh tons and are all happy to be there. Maybe a few bad job experiences are what some need to finally find the right fit. Lovin it!!! Here are a few pics of the office.

Jun 18, 2010

Tea party time. This was sooo much fun. First we had to dress up. Makeup was next. White gloves were a must. We learned the etiquette of tea and how to have manners during our lunch. Aunt Jen was a great hostess. Lunch was sandwiches(egg salad or PB). My unpicky eaters of course ate egg salad and what kids eat that? They were cut out in a teapot shape. We had blueberry tea bread with lemon topping to dip it into. Grapes, watermelon cut into teapot shape. Sparkling juice and of course tea to drink. Dessert was a watermelon look ice cream cake, cake squares dipped in frosting with chocolate on top, and wonderful sugar cookies. The table was gorgeous, my aunts are wonderful and it was everything the girls hoped it would be. They were sooo good. Oh how we looked forward to this day. To my dear aunts - I hope you know how much this meant to me with mom being gone and all. Thank you. We will never forget.

Jun 13, 2010

Dance Recital:
I never knew Kate would be a dancer girl. Me being so ungirly anticipated my girls would also be that way. Not so. Last year during her cousins dance recital she danced out the door during intermission and up and down the halls swinging her arms and not even caring who saw her. She never said anything about it but it was as if I could see inside her for that moment. What I saw was this passion for dance. So with a little push from Aunt Jamie we signed her up this past winter for dance at the studio her cousins go to. She loves it. They are very particular and don't let the parents see the dance classes or even the rehearsal for the recital. It is also not cheap. But....seeing the permasmile on her face during the recital and knowing all that she has been through kidneywise the past few years was soooo worth it.